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Lovell Neighborhood Watch Meeting
Place: New Suncook School Cafeteria
Date: TBA

Local officers from the Oxford County Sheriff's Department,
and The Maine State Police, present
ongoing programs on how we can protect all our homes.
It Takes All Of Us To Work Together
Stop burglary - Break-Ins - Vandalism
Please Try To Attend!
Any Questions, please contact the Webmaster.

Call to report activity to law enforcement officers at the anonymous tip line 1-800-733-1421.

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Lovell - Area Events and Calendars

The Crystal Perry Murder Case
Watch Part 1 - Watch Part 2
Watch Part 3 - Watch Part 4

Click here for the tribute:
In Loving Memory of Roxanne T. Craig

03/26/11 Lovell Neighborhood Watch Spaghetti Supper
07/19/08 Lovell Old Homes Day
03/22/08 Lovell Neighborhood Watch Child ID Program
12/07/07 Lovell Annual Christmas Tree Lighting
11/17/07 Lovell's Gasping Gobbler 5k Run/Walk
05/05/06 LNW Sign Installation
Watch the Task Forces video for the county

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1. To increase citizen awareness of the crime of burglary and other property crimes prevalent to neighborhoods including theft and vandalism.
2. To train citizens in various safety and residential security strategies to make their neighborhood and homes more secure.
3. To develop a neighborhood action program where neighbors help watch each other’s residences and report suspicious persons and activities in their neighborhoods.
4. To encourage all citizens to cooperate with local law enforcement in reporting crime.

Local Towns Neighborhood Watch Groups:

Bridgton Community Crime Watch
Email: Paulina Dellosso 647-2257

Harrison Crime Watch
Paula Holt 583-4218